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Our limousine call center services team believes in giving priority to the client requirement.

Order Taking Services

Our nationwide call center is a completely web-enabled, exact 24/7 service, So you are never charged additional fees…

Call Answering Services

It’s a dare to remain up with today’s customers. Having reliable call-center representatives who can resolve these…

Order Dispatching Services

Puri’s Tech ODS has paying attention on building the dispatcher more effectual by simplifying and automating…

Answering Services for Limousine Businesses

Puri’s Tech Answering service is a field service for a diversity of limousine and livery businesses…

Order Taking by Email

We’ve invested in the cutting edge of technology to make sure we can present you and your customers the most…

Order Taking Through Calls

For transport services, it is vital to meet up clients’ demands with effectiveness and politeness…


50% cost reduction guaranteed. 24/7 365 live Dispatch services, reliability, flexibility, professionalism & commitment, your one stop solution for Limousine Dispatch Services.

We also offer 24/7 back office solution which will give you the liberty and freedom that you and your business have always been looking for!

Focus more on your Limo company’s growth, you can customize the services you may require or can always go for our complete Dispatch solutions, from answering the phone till the final settlement of your reservations and billing,

Yes we have been doing that for other Limo companies so why not you!

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Limousine Answering Service

16711944_1553272238019593_3707509648148243877_n Drive Away Your Competitors with our Limousine and Dispatch Answering Service!

It will come to no surprise to you that the Limousine and car service industry is a highly competitive and stressful market. With big corporations offering very low rates, it’s hard to stand out when your business is still growing. However, by keeping your business small you are able to focus more on providing great customer service and detail to all of your clients needs. But what happens when you’re up to your head in voicemails and your telephone lines wont stop ringing? Do you want to give this business away to your competitor? Of course not! That’s where our limousine and dispatch answering service can help!

Have you ever missed a call or potential sale because you were too busy to get to the phone? This is where we come in. Let us help you focus more on what you do best. providing transportation. And we can focus on what we know best, answering your telephone calls with the best customer service solutions possible

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Puri’s Tech Full Service Contact Center
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